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HIIT School is happy to announce the launch of our new online interactive educational workout experience! This program spinoff will instill the same qualities, beliefs, and training techniques that have helped make HIIT School the highly successful and widely popular training program that thousands of students have participated in... but now with remote capabilities for students to interact and participate in from anywhere around the world!


HIIT School Online is a unique, data-driven, and highly effective cardiovascular resistance training program performed online with the guidance, feedback, and motivation from our elite training staff. This one of a kind approach to remote, "at home fitness" highlights HIIT School’s core program beliefs of hard work, education, and constant trainer/student interaction. There is no replacement for hard work and there is no greater power than knowledge. Our online program model allows for trainers to interact and educate students on a consistent basis through every class, offering live, real time direction, motivation, and correction. This connection allows students to maximize their health and fitness potential by experiencing the similar pace, challenge, and ultimate reward of participating in a typical in-person HIIT School class. This program is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight, increase muscle definition, gain strength, increase cardiovascular and muscle endurance, and/or increase athletic performance while in the comfort of their own home/work space.

HIIT School’s goal is simple. We teach you how to achieve a better you.


Spring's Online Quarter will run for 4 weeks from April 15th -  May 12th. (LATE ENROLLMENTS ARE WELCOMED!) Class days and times are the following (All class times are PDT):

  • Mondays and Wednesdays - 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 12pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm 

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays - 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 12pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm 


  • NEWLY ADDED!! - Friends & Family HIIT Free!! - You read that right! Anyone who lives with you...roommates, hubs/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, "it's complicateds", kids, literally anyone who wants to join you and take class with you during your sessions of the online pilot program are welcome to do so at no additional cost. Our team loved the sense of community and normalcy during our initial testing phase classes and to see some family members and friends join in on the workouts made it that much more special. We need companionship, friendship, and bonding opportunities more than ever during these current times and our thoughts are...the more, the merrier! Spread the word to your live-with-mates and let's create something healthy and special for everyone!

  • Training 2x Per Week - Private instruction is administered to a limited number of students each class by our elite, highly qualified, personal training staff that specializes in weight loss, muscle toning, & athletic performance. Our streaming at-home model, allows trainers to interact with students from their mobile devices while still providing a personalized, highly beneficial, and educational workout experience. Our set scheduling and class head count roster restrictions allow for training staff to easily track each student's progress and change by creating accountability measures for attendance, performance, and overall effort.

  • Daily Data Tracking - Personalized metrics tracking and feedback is a part of every class. Students receive a report card at the end of every class offering detailed feedback based on their performance for that day. These scores are tracked by our staff and used as data point guidelines to motivate and encourage students to give their utmost effort during each class.

  • Diet and Nutrition Coaching/Support - Nutritional guidance, tracking, advice, and feedback are covered throughout the entire program at no additional cost.

  • Homework Assignments - Video tutorials, detailed workout assignments, and free Friday sessions ("Freebie Fridays LIVE") are offered on a weekly basis to keep students on track, focused, and learning for the days not training in HIIT School class.

  • Training Equipment - HIIT School will be loaning out equipment necessary for the program (dumbbells) to enrolled students living in the bay area while supplies last.


  • How do I enroll?

    • Log into or create an account on our MindBody portal. Link above.

    • Click on the "EVENTS" tab.

    • Click on the "All Service Categories" drop down menu and select the "HIIT School Online" option to find various days and times. 

    • Pick a class time to reserve a spot.

  • How will class work? Upon enrollment, our staff will email you with a calendar invite for your class schedule of the 4 weeks along with your personalized online class video stream link. Directions on how to set up your at-home workout area and what to expect in class will be sent out in the days leading up to the pilot's official launch.

  • What if a class time I want to sign up for is sold out? Many session times sell out fast. If you find that a session is already fully booked, be sure to enroll on the waitlist for that time or find another time that works for you. Not only will that hold your space in line if someone opts out of your desired time, but it also allows our staff to add additional classes if a demand is present.

  • What happens if you can not make class at your registered time? Students are expected to attend their chosen time slot since class space is very limited. In the event that something comes up and students can not make their time, students may reach out to our staff for instruction on how to make up for the missed class.

  • Can anyone participate? Almost anyone can participate in HIIT School. If you are pregnant, have any major injuries or have had any major surgeries in the past couple years, be sure to contact us before registering to see if our program would be the best fit for your current state.

  • What if I don't have any at home gym equipment (dumbbells)? Not to worry. HIIT School will be issuing loaner dumbbells out to students in the bay area at the beginning of the pilot program on a first come first basis. Once our supply runs out, students who don't have dumbbells at home will be encouraged to purchase their own set under the assistance and guidance of our wholesale partners. The price on this ranges anywhere from $7-32 depending on the size of the dumbbell.

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