Over the years our team has made it a priority to lend a helping hand and assist those in need. From charity fundraiser events to food drives and everything in between, our efforts and dedication to the community have helped raise awareness, donations, and most importantly hope for countless groups of people. 

Given the world’s current state of affairs we understand that many people are in need of normalcy and structure in their daily lives. With so many balancing acts to keep up with ie. working from home, kids schooling from home, new routines, etc. we know that health and fitness often are the first to get neglected and fall off the wayside. Now more than ever our team realizes that our mission to create positive and lasting change in each student's life is desperately needed. We are ready for the task at hand and wish to expand our knowledge and guidance towards those closest to the HIIT School community.

HIIT School’s Online Scholarship Program is your opportunity to give back to friends, family, colleagues, and even possibly yourself. Whether this is a first attempt at fitness, an in and out of fitness programs/consistency situation, or simply interest in a new routine while working from home, we have a solution to assist in the restructuring of this new norm. This is not a one time trial class or a 7 day pass to an online collection of pre-taped materials. Our team of trained professionals are ready to educate, inspire, and provide the necessary tools to jump start this new adventure over the course of two detailed and very structured weeks of intensive, live training. We are very serious about this offer and the impact this program can have on those people who may need it most and look forward to working with applicants through this limited scholarship opportunity. 

The process is simple. Apply between now and Friday, August 21st through the links provided and fill out a quick 30-second application to enroll for this free scholarship program. Someone from our team will reach out with all the necessary information and instruction to be a part of this exclusive 2 week opportunity starting August 24th. 

We all must learn to adapt, cultivate growth, and thrive from our positive efforts during these trying times. If we can also help those around us to repeat the same positive changes, that is a win-win for everyone. Knowledge is power and it is our mission to instill lasting and effective change for every student in our program. Lessons learned are lessons earned. That's the HIIT School way.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

-Your HIIT School Crew

Two weeks of FREE, interactive, and personalized LIVE training sessions with our certified professional trainers.


Structure scheduling and curriculum allow for our staff to evaluate each students strengths and weaknesses. Structured classes meet 2x per week. Students also have the option to attend supplemental program classes that are offered every day of the week.


FREE access to educational, nutritional, & 1-on-1 goal planning support services are included.


No strings attached. We are looking for dedicated students who wish to get a jump start into genuine action and positive, lasting change. Period.


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