HIIT School Online is a LIVE, unique, data-driven, and highly effective cardiovascular-resistance training program performed over Google Hangouts with the guidance, feedback, and motivation from our elite training staff. This one of a kind approach to remote, "at home fitness" highlights HIIT School’s core program beliefs of hard work, education, and constant trainer/student interaction.


Our online program model allows for trainers to interact and educate students on a consistent basis through every class, offering live, real time direction, motivation, and correction. This connection allows students to maximize their health and fitness potential by experiencing the unique pace, challenge, and ultimate reward of participating in a HIIT School class. This program is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight, increase muscle definition, gain strength, increase cardiovascular and muscle endurance, and/or increase athletic performance while in the comfort of their own space.


  • Live Training - Training staff works live with individuals throughout each class. No taped recordings. 

  • Personalized - Live classes allow for personalized feedback and instruction on direction, motivation, and corrections necessary to maximize effort and production.

  • Small Class Sizes - Intimate experience allows for closer attention and connection between trainers staff and students.

  • Structured Schedule - A set schedule with the same instructor for every class allows coaches to learn the strengths and weaknesses of every student. Structured class meets 2x per week with the potential for students to attend 56 classes (7 classes per week) over the course of the 8 week program.

  • Detailed Curriculum - Each classes is a detailed and structured progression from the last. Specific scientific reason and methods are behind the design of each our classes. Students are provided the proper tools and guidance from our staff to expand their health and fitness knowledge throughout each class during the online course.

  • Data and Statistics Tracking - Students track performance during every exercise and class. This data is used to quantify individual performance into HIIT School’s “grading scale”. This allows for personal tracking and analysis as well as individual to mass population comparison. 

  • Diet and Nutrition Support - Nutritional guidance, tracking, advice, and feedback are covered throughout the entire program at no additional cost.

  • Educational Support - Video tutorials are provided of each workout to offer inside perspective on every exercise as well as creating a large archive of workouts for students to do on their own time.

  • Supplemental Support Classes - Additional free classes offered everyday of the week for a total of 56 classes over the course of 8 weeks. 

  • Friends-Family-Roommates HIIT for Free - Anyone living in your household may attend class with you at no additional charge.

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