Data and statistics are the driving force behind our unique and unparalleled wellness programs. Our metrics tracking systems create an environment for students to achieve and maintain optimal personal wellness.

Classic HIIT School

Each classic class session is custom designed to give each student a highly effective, safe, and complete full-body workout, regardless of skill level.


Our high intensity interval training class structure is divided into two main sections:

  • Resistance, Balance, Strength, and Power Training - Accomplished by utilizing dumbbells, barbells, TRXs, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, BOSUs, slam balls, battle ropes, resistance bands, speed ladders, and landmines.

  • High Energy Cardiovascular Training - Accomplished by using total body-focused Airdyne bikes.


HIIT School’s patented data scoring system challenges students to push their abilities to new and improved levels. Individual performance reports are given to each student at the end of every class to show progress and change for all exercises performed.

Cardio Boxing HIIT School

Very similar to our “Classic” class structure. However, the Airdyne bikes are replaced with heavy boxing bags as students learn the basics and fundamentals of boxing through a fast-paced and challenging cardio boxing program.



Training Schedule


Our seasonal semester system is a structured 10-week training program that meets with students of any skill level twice per week. We come on site to you, which allows for participants to easily schedule and attend classes without having to miss valuable work or family time.



Mobile Fleet of Gyms


Forget the massive costs of providing the space and equipment necessary to have an on-site training facility that may only get used by a small number of people. Our mobile and custom-fabricated fleet of gyms are a unique and cost effective approach to providing corporate wellness on site.



Personal and Group Metrics


Data and statistics are the driving force behind our program’s one-of-a-kind scoring technology. Body composition metrics, along with data driven performance grades after each training session, help track and maintain the highest quality of wellness support for each student. Similar metrics are recorded and tracked to highlight group-based improvements within our partnered companies.



Nutritional Support


Mindful consumption is our goal! Providing a healthy approach to nutrition through our educational support, coaching guidance, and optional tracking program, enables our students to create and maintain healthy eating habits based on their needs and lifestyle.



Educational Support


Continuing education outside of our class sessions is a key component of our program. Tutorial videos, wellness-based seminars, and weekly homework assignments are provided to keep  students focused and motivated on days away from class.

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