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We are here to educate and inspire the individual. 
This is our belief and path to help you create your own.


Community focused programs are amazing platforms for people to enjoy and experience. Look at us!


We are a school of like minded individuals all working towards the same goals. This is a great attribute to surround yourself with however often times the “self” gets lost amongst the “we”. It is important to not lose sight of the “me” since your wellness is solely dependent on your actions.


Much like any other school, the community surrounding you is a nice added bonus but your participation in class is for your own self improvement. Personal growth can be a very personal, eye opening, and often rewarding journey.


Our focus is to provide each student the knowledge and tools to find their own voice, their own path, their own success.


Knowledge is power and it is our mission to make sure every student gains this independently on their own so they never have to rely on anyone but themself.

Our Milestones in School



First Truck “Betty” a retired FedEx box truck was purchased in Sacramento and struggled to make the 150 mile trip back home to San Jose.



Grading Scale Created A think tank of statisticians data experts, and fitness professionals create the HIIT School grading scale to change 



Pioneer on HIIT HIIT School registered in MindBody as the first HIIT focused program years before HIIT becomes the popular phenomenon it is today.

JUNE 2013


First Corporate Location Our first ever corporate partnership was established in Los Gatos, CA. with a tiny company by the name of Netflix. 



First Corporate Partnership Google and YouTube bring HIIT School onboard as official wellness benefit for employees. 



Top 10% HIIT School is recognized in the top 10% of all companies listed on MindBody’s worldwide service platform; an achievement held every year since (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

MAY 2018


Fleet Status HIIT School achieves fleet status (10) for the number of trucks in our operation.



25,000 Live Classes HIIT School passes the milestone of 25k live classes hosted.

MARCH 2019


Quarter Million HIIT School crosses over the 250k milestone for student appearances in class. 

MARCH 2020


Online Program Launch HIIT School Online is launched one day after quarantine lockdowns are issued in California. Since then we have hosted thousands of classes for tens of thousands of students from around the world and continue to grow as a business despite complications due to COVID-19.



HIIT School App Launched HIIT School launches the MVP phase of our mobile application for all live students. The app tracks student history and allows comparison metrics within the HIIT School community.


New York Times

  • How do I enroll for live classes?
    Follow the “ENROLL NOW” button in the upper right hand corner of this page. Create an account under HIIT School’s MindBody page. Find the semester days and time that works best for your schedule. Proceed to check out
  • How do classes work and what do I need?
    Classes can be done out of the comfort of your own home, workplace, yard, etc. All you need is a mobile device and WiFi.
  • After signing up for class how do I get to class?
    Upon enrollment, our staff will email in the days leading up to the semester’s start with all the information needed to help you kick off class on the right foot. You will be provided with your personalized calendar invite to class, directions on how to set up your at-home workout area, what to expect in class, and how to maximize your time in HIIT School.
  • What if a class time I want to sign up for is sold out?
    Many session times sell out fast. If you find that a session is already fully booked, be sure to enroll on the waitlist for that time or find another time that works for you. Not only will that hold your space in line if someone opts out of your desired time, but it also allows our staff to add additional classes if a demand is present.
  • What happens if I can not make class at your registered time?
    Students are encouraged to attend their chosen time slot as best as possible since they will be working closely with their designated trainer over the course of the entire semester but we never want you to miss class! We provide the entire list of class times and links for those classes to each student on the first day of school so in the event that you can not make class for whatever reason, you have the ability to drop in on a time that better suits your schedule.
  • Is equipment needed for class?
    Equipment is not needed but encouraged for students to see the best results. The only equipment we use in class are a set of dumbbells. HIIT School has partnered with the leading online distributor of fitness equipment, Power Systems, to get all HIIT School students 20% off all Power Systems products. Enter the code "HIITSCHOOL" at check out for your savings.​ If you do not have or wish to purchase dumbbells we created various DIY at home options with suggestions for students to make equipment with the use of common household objects. Follow the link here for our instructional video or watch it below.
  • What size dumbbells should I buy for class?
    We often say that buying dumbbell weights for the first time is a lot like buying children's clothes. You don’t want to buy something that fits perfectly in the current moment because eventually and quite often, very soon, you will grow out of it. You also don’t want to buy something so big, that you may never grow into it. You want to buy something that you will eventually be able to grow into over the course of the next 6-9 months as your strength and endurance improve. The dumbbell weight ranges for women typically range from 7-15 lbs for each dumbbell and 12-25 lbs. for each dumbbell for men. The lower end of each spectrum is for brand new, never worked out or highly deconditioned students and the higher end is for more advanced students. As always there are outliers to each spectrum but know that too light or too heavy may alter your results, intensity, form, technique, etc.
  • What physical shape do I need to be in to start class?
    You don’t need to be in any type of shape to start class! Day 1 of class can be taken by the most green of beginners all the way up to Olympic caliber athletes. The only common denominator across the board for everyone is our timer. You can go as slow and easy as your body allows you or as hard and extreme as your determination desires. In no way will your pace slow anyone down and in no way will you feel any pressure from others to go outside your abilities.
  • Are there any physical limitations as to who can participate in class?
    Almost anyone can participate in HIIT School. For women who are pregnant, if your doctor has given clearance to workout, you should be fine taking class. If needed, we will provide modifications in class for certain exercises being performed based on what stage of pregnancy you are in. If you have any major injuries or have had any major surgeries in the past couple years, be sure to contact us before registering to see if our program would be the best fit for your current state.
  • What if I want or need to cancel my upcoming enrollment?
    An administrative charge of $25 will be applied to all cancellations regardless of when the request is filed. All semester enrollments must be cancelled 72 hours prior to the start of the semester to be eligible to receive a maximum refund. Any cancellation happening after 72 hours prior to the start of the semester start date and within the first two weeks of the semester will forfeit half of the enrollment fees plus an administrative charge of $25. Semester registration days, times, and fees may not be altered or refunded in anyway after the first two weeks. Class session locations, days and times are subject to change depending on weather, facility, and head count protocols. Removing classes from your online schedule does NOT cancel you from the program. All cancellations must be submitted to
  • How do payments work for every semester program?
    Payment for a semester must be received through HIIT School's MindBody (MBO) account before classes can be attended. Purchases may not be transferred or used by any individual other than purchaser of the semester. Students are expected to attend their chosen time slot. In the event they can not make their time, students can drop in on a different class time throughout the entire week. Attendance in class is only valid during the semester in which a student is registered for. Sessions missed during a semester are not refunded and do not carry over into the following semester.
  • What if I injure myself during the semester and am no longer able to attend classes?
    In the event of an injury where you may no longer be able to participate for the remainder of the semester, a valid doctor's note must be submitted to our team within 30 days of the incident to receive full credit for the remaining classes. No refunds will be issued to notes issued past the 30 day grace period.
  • Terms & Conditions
    Please view our full Terms & Conditions here.
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